I can sell ice to an Eskimo.

Real Estate

I can sell an igloo to an Eskimo.

Website Design

I can make a website for that Eskimo.

About Cody

Get to know me.

If you didn’t already know, my name is Cody Willner. I am a principal broker and marketing manager for my family real estate team, Willner Properties at RE/MAX Equity Group. I am also passionate about all things marketing and web design. I have a degree from Oregon State University (Go Beavs!) in Business Administration with a focus/option in Marketing (this was prior to OSU making Marketing a separate degree) and a minor in Psychology. I like to spend time at home doing work around the house, practice at the range, watch OSU athletics, and enjoy some sunshine when we get it!

My Early Days

I grew up in an entrepreneurial family. My great grandmother, both grandfathers, my parents, and others in my extended family owned their own businesses. I learned from all of them at an early age the meaning of hard work. Getting up early, sacrificing free time to put in hours at the business, giving 110% is what my family did, day in and day out. When not in school or participating in athletics, I was at my family’s fitness center working the desk alongside my parents. They prepared me on how to do many of the things it takes to be a successful entrepreneur, such as providing great customer service, managing the books, and coming up with creative ideas to generate new and maintain existing business.

4740_1060355436417_3284613_n My real “full time” gig was being a student. Working hard during my elementary/middle/high school days, academically and athletically, paid off. I lettered on the baseball diamond, playing middle infield. I was valedictorian in 2002 at Forest Grove High School with a 4.0 GPA. While in high school I found my passion for marketing when I took a class my senior year, simply called Marketing. It also helped that a family neighbor was a marketing executive at one of the largest companies in the world, Nike. I’ve always had an interest to figure out what drives consumers to purchase items/services, why companies go in a certain direction with their campaigns, and what could be done to improve those ads. Basically, I was a consumer marketing guru in the making.

College & Beyond

After graduating high school, I took my talents to Corvallis and to Oregon State University. I was excited and eager to go to class and learn. I immediately declared my major, Business Administration with a focus/option in Marketing. To help with the marketing, I also chose Psychology to by my minor. They are a great one-two punch for sales, marketing strategy, and research. During college, I decided to join my father in real estate. I had a great network of people which lead me to be successful from the start. I primarily worked in Hillsboro (via Corvallis) for a while as I got my feet wet in the industry, then was able to bring my business back south closer to where I was. This came in large part by marketing myself as an agent that other agents can refer clients to in areas that they don’t have access to. In fact, a vast majority of my business comes from agent referrals and past client referrals.

Being able to market myself to clients, I knew I needed to have a good online presence. I was able to teach myself simple HTML/CSS coding, when then lead to learning how to create static and CMS websites, like on WordPress. Through social media, I met some local business owners who needed someone to help with their old websites. I answered the call (or direct message in this case) and was able to edit, update, and maintain their current sites. I also consulted on what could be done to help with their marketing efforts via the web and social channels.

Combining what I knew with web design and marketing, I put both of those skills to the test and started C-Dub Online, LLC. I created targeted ads on the major search engines, as well as coming up with landing pages, in order to sell various products and services. I was able to utilize a product that a former real estate client and former partner in OSU Real Estate Investment Club came up with to track the performance of the ads, optimizing the ads as needed, to bring in a greater ROI.


What Cody knows best!

Marketing - It's what I do and what I know. From helping form and manage a brand to creating catchy materials to engaging with customers/clients on social accounts. Formulating a strategy, creating campaigns that align with the strategy, then coming up with materials and the mediums in which to promote and advertise.

One of my biggest strengths is online marketing. Whether it be paid placement (SEM), organic search (SEO), social media marketing, email marketing, or creating a great website. I have done both static HTML-type websites as well as CMS-based websites like WordPress (the type of site you're looking at right now).

If you need help with any marketing or with web design, let me know! marketing

Real Estate

Info about my team and real estate.

Willner Properties at RE/MAX Equity Group. We are a family real estate team, based out of Hillsboro, Oregon. We provide outstanding real estate service to those in the entire Willamette Valley, including the Portland, Salem, and Corvallis areas. Visit us at

Our Team - By The Numbers

The following metrics are based on data and sales up to 2/19/2016 for the Willner Properties Team.
Number Of Closed Transactions
Average Price Of Home Sold (In $)
Total Sales Volume (In $)

Represent Buyers

Represent Sellers

Our Effort


Here are a few items I have done. These include marketing materials for my real estate business, such as mailers, business cards, and social media accounts. I also included screenshots of the websites I have worked on in the past.

My Website Clients

These are some of the local companies I have helped with their website design or with maintenance/updates.
Hospitality Vision
The Business Enterprise Center
Philomath Community Services
People Powered Leadership


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The New Site

Hey everyone! So I’m starting fresh with a new install of a WordPress website/blog. Hopefully I will find some occasional time to write and post things I find interesting. Let’s be honest, most of the stuff I’ll post will come from the WP blog! Feel free to contact me should you have any questions about […]

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I will soon be adding posts to my blog. I’ll do my best to keep it up-to-date. No guarantees as I am always busy!

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